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There are so many elements that go into the making of a great wedding and wedding decor. Some are more important than others but each plays its own integral role in the larger event that takes place. Every facet is important in creating the complete experience and without each of the building blocks; the experience just would not be quite the same.

The Vibe of your Reception

Key building blocks that should not be overlooked are décor and the effect of the room itself on the vibe of the reception. The room and the lighting are essentially the foundation of the ceremony and you want to be sure that the stage is set properly for your special day. Often times, the room or banquet hall chosen for the wedding may be unsightly and outdated, or at the least, not the room of your dreams. That being said, décor options like lantern lights and fabric backdrops are a great way to enhance the aesthetics and energy of any room. Simple, affordable, and highly effective, these additions can work wonders for both your event and even the photographs of it!

Your Background Matters

Even if the space is already satisfactory, fabric backdrops often are that minor touch that elevates the scene of your event from ordinary to extraordinary. One of the greatest features of backdrops is that they not only enhance the aesthetics of the room during the event but they also set the scene for remarkable wedding photographs. The white backdrops easily remove unsightly and distracting structures or exit signs and place the emphasis on you and your guests. The soft white creates a minimal and relaxing background that’s easy on the eyes and really brings out the life in what matters most, the people. With proper lighting, they essentially utilize the same techniques of professional photography studios and sets, thus creating similar visual effects in the photographs of your event. Just like in many studio portraits and photographs, the backgrounds will bring out the best in the physique of your guests and add everlasting beauty to the memories preserved in your wedding photos.

Fabric Backdrops

Fabric backdrops will also accentuate the beauty and design of your wedding cake. An ephemeral piece of art created just for your special day, the cake deserves to be seen in all its beauty, and backdrops are the perfect way to do it! With the proper lighting, the backdrops will bring to life all the minute details of this wonderful work of art made just for you.

Lighting Design

In combination with other options such as uplighting or lantern lighting (link to page), fabric backdrops and décor will bring the space to life in ways you could only imagine. The backdrops work perfectly in synch with many lighting options in order to create a soft and beautiful ambiance. Uplighting is a great way to accentuate the smooth texture of the fabric backdrops and cast a delicate glow throughout the room with a selection of multiple colors.

A touch of Ambiance

When it comes to ambiance, lanterns are a great choice to add a subtle touch to any room or space. Typically an outdoor light, they also actually work particularly well indoors with fabric backdrops. The softness and fluidity of both the curtains and the lights create an undeniable synergy that sets the stage for any event. No matter the mood or occasion, lanterns come in various sizes and colors to accentuate or underline whatever style of ceremony you may have. Lanterns cast a beautiful and romantic glow, to give the room a warm and inviting feel and can be arranged to bring feelings ranging anywhere from mystic to nostalgic. Lanterns have been an integral part of Eastern culture for quite some time and have been used to add light and ambiance to a variety of settings. An age-old classic that has graced the rooms and ballrooms of the most important architectural spaces in the world all throughout history, lantern lights are the perfect way to make your dream become a reality.

Make the best of your wedding space

The fact is, sometimes the space you choose for your wedding reception may not be the most elegant ballroom. Not all banquet halls are filled with tasteful drapery and the architecture may be unflattering or mundane. Many banquet halls are old, have dreary lighting, unsightly walls, and architectural structures, as well as outdated décor. While you could certainly spend the extra money on an exquisite ballroom with pristine architecture, this likely cannot be done without breaking the bank. Weddings already cost enough as it is. Think about it – this is the moment you’ve waited for all your life and you want the room to be the magical ballroom that you always imagined in your dreams. Fortunately, with affordable options like backdrops and lantern lighting, you can bring a touch of elegance to any room or banquet hall without breaking the bank.


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