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When considering all the various facets of planning your wedding reception, one thing to be sure not to forget about is the lighting. While it may seem like a very basic element of the reception, the lighting is actually extremely important and often overlooked. It seems self-explanatory, right? All rooms and banquet halls have lights and most DJs or entertainment services offer additional lights as well if needed. However, it is crucial to understand the various types of different lights and how they will impact the mood of the event. Think about some of the most elegant events you have been to, both indoor and outdoor. No matter the type of event, they likely had at least one thing in common, opulent lighting.

When it comes to special events, especially those indoors, lighting is everything. It sets the tone and the mood of your event. Essentially, it is the foundation of the party and sets the stage for the positive experiences to take place throughout the night. During the most important party of your life, you want the scene to be magical, mystical, romantic – and an overall incredible ambiance. That being said, the dull, yellow incandescent lights that are included in many banquet halls will most likely not create this ambiance. Cheesy colored disco lights that many companies provide may not be the best choice either. Have you ever been to stunning shindig that only used incandescent lights? Likely not. Luckily for the consumer, in today’s day and age, there is a wide variety of lighting options, many of which are available at an affordable cost without having to sacrifice style.

The professionally trained lighting designers at Elevated Event Design remain atop and ahead of the trends with a sophisticated lighting selection that will suit any event or occasion. We strive for style and utilize various techniques that embody the swanky style of ambient lighting, amongst others. Ambient lighting is designed to creatively control the lighting of an environment by illuminating aspects of the room while leaving others in the shadows. The shadows allow for the lighting to accentuate the contours and shapes of the objects, structures, and people in the room to create an elegant ambiance. Sometimes also referred to as low-key lighting, this technique is often seen in films, studio photography, and live performances. While many tend to equate the production of these mediums with a very high cost, the lighting techniques can actually be utilized very easily and affordably in a diverse range of settings including, weddings and events.

When choosing the proper lighting for your event, it is important to first understand and consider the various options that are available. Some popular lighting techniques include UpLighting, monogram lights, intelligent lighting, Italian Lanterns, and string lights, just to name a few. Many of these options are capable of functioning on their own or in combination with other styles. Check out the paragraphs below for a short break down of the various styles and how they can benefit your event!

UpLighting – This is undoubtedly the hottest wedding lighting trend of recent years and for good reason. It is much more than a simple fad, it is a dignified style that is here to stay. For a rather affordable cost, any wedding can be transformed into a dramatic, movie-like setting. Just as the name sounds, UpLighting utilizes strategically placed vertical lights in order to add depth and detail to any room by accentuating the natural architectural features. It is the perfect blend of light and shadow mixed with the angles and details of the space. It adds depth and breadth to make for a surreal and elegant glow. The skilled lighting designers at Elevated Event Design can read the architecture of the room and exploit the lines, angles, shadows, and alcoves to your advantage.

Another thing many people are unaware of is that UpLighting is a rather versatile lighting option and can be effectively utilized in both indoor and outdoor settings. Outdoors, as long as the venue permits, UpLighting can be placed below trees, plants or other garden structures to add a little spice to nature’s already beautiful features so you can enjoy the ambiance of a beautiful summer evening, all night long.

There are many options when it comes to UpLighting and the style and amount of lights and colors can be adjusted as needed in order to fit your vision. Whether you are looking for a subtle touch of ambiance or a brighter visual display, we have the equipment and the expertise to make your dream become a reality.

Intelligent Lighting – Add the excitement and energy of a nightclub or concert venue and elevate the dance floor to the next level with our intelligent lighting services. Intelligent lighting is a form of stage lighting that has automated or mechanical abilities beyond those of traditional stationary illumination and is capable of producing extraordinarily complex effects. The colors, flashes, and strobes of the lights perfectly syncopate to the beat of the music in order to create a dazzling dance floor experience for you and your guests that is sure to keep the dance floor movin’ and groovin’ all night long! Make the venue come to life with these vibrant and energetic lighting options and ensure your event is an experience your guests will be talking about for years to come.

“Dancing Under the Stars” – Utilizing the latest in LED and laser light technology, this method can add an amazing romantic ambiance to any dance floor or room. The ceiling of the space will be miraculously transformed into a starry night sky! Simple, yet extremely effective, the dance floor becomes a mystical wonderland that your guests will not soon forget.

Lanterns, Italian String Lights, and Combo Packages – With so many different lighting options, why not mix and match to get a perfect atmosphere? While UpLights effectively set the scene, the addition of intelligent lighting on the dance floor can fully transform the event and bring the energy to the next level. Monogram lights can add the perfect touch with the bride and groom’s names delicately floating about the room as the night goes on. Lanterns and Italian String lights are other options, to add a subtle and romantic touch of elegance to a room and also make an even better addition to an outdoor venue. These styles are timeless classics that have been the choice of lighting at outdoor festivals, dinners, and more for all classes of people all across the globe.

This isn’t your parent’s wedding. With so many options and varieties, why not spice up your reception and create an intimate and impressive experience that will leave long-lasting positive memories on you and your guests. Not only do lights enhance the environment during your event, but also the pictures will turn out fantastic! The scrapbook of your special day will look like a picture-perfect set from a movie. To find out more about pricing and packages please contact us or head to our wedding lighting design.


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