How to pick a Wedding DJ

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How to pick a Wedding: what you need to know

How to pick a wedding DJ?  find more information for your big day.

Many couples struggle to choose a wedding DJ, disagreeing on what songs to be included on their playlist, whether or not the local DJ has what it takes to make your big day “special”, and finally if they can smash your wedding song out of the park. That’s all a bride and groom want, quite simple really.

To help you choose a wedding DJ, we’ve created five tips, from asking for recommendations to seeing the DJ before choosing.

Let’s get to it.

1.   Ask for recommendations from friends or family

If you don’t know where to start, consider asking for DJ recommendations from friends or family members who have recently become married – that is, of course, if their DJ was good.

Also, ask plenty of questions, for example: what was the DJ like in preparation? How expensive was the DJ? And would you have chosen them if you were to do it again?

Asking questions like these allows you to decide whether or not they’d be a good fit for you, so don’t hold back.

2.   Read reviews

Nowadays, everything is online. Chances are the DJ you’re currently looking at booking has a website. If not, definitely a Facebook page. Use these to your advantage, look through, and read previous reviews.

This gives you a general idea of what to expect on your big day, so be sure to spend time soaking it all in.

3.   Create a budget and see who’s available

When it comes to weddings, finances are extremely important. From the get-go, set a budget for your DJ. From here, this allows you to look at all DJs within your budget, comparing these against one another.

Compare how many weddings they’ve done previously, their reviews, price, experience, and whether or not they’re available on your big day – arguably the most important factor…

4.   Ask to hear samples of the DJs work

To help you make a final decision, it’s worth asking for a few samples of the DJs work. Occasionally you can also find these on their website or Facebook page, but if not don’t be afraid to drop them an email or private message.

Listening to the DJs work allows you to see if they’re the right fit, also remember to ask for their take on popular wedding songs to include in your playlist.

5.   Create two wedding playlists and give these to your DJ

You may be wondering: why two wedding playlists? Well, one is your “play” playlist and the other is your “do not play the playlist.” Ensure your DJ is willing to stick to the script and follow this. Also, the addition of the do not play playlist” removes any nasty surprises on your big day, like the macarena coming on… (certainly, one to avoid).

Finally, ask the DJ if they’re also comfortable doing speeches/shoutouts. For example, you may wish for the DJ to also introduce the newlyweds upon entering the wedding reception, this can save you money while also having a set of versatile hands on deck.  Learn more about how to pick a wedding dj.



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