High Quality Sound for your Wedding or Event

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High Quality Sound

When thinking about being out on a dance floor at an event, grooving to your favorite song – having high quality sound is something that makes the experience that much more memorable. Music is such a powerful addition to any event. It’s proven to elevate people’s moods and increase the warmth of interaction. Not to mention its most powerful quality – getting people to dance. In fact, music actually stimulates the same reward pathway of our brain as the pleasures of chocolate and sex. It’s no secret that our brains respond so positively to music, however, our hearing is sensitive and the way we receive music is also affected by the quality of the sound itself. When it comes time for your next big event, you want to be sure that the sound is up-to-par.

Best Sounding Speakers

It’s simple – better sounding speakers are easier on the ears; the sound is much more crisp and the high, low and mid tones are accentuated in perfect harmony. Better speakers can deliver the sound of the music more powerfully at lower decibel levels. With the sound balanced and in tune, there is no need to crank the speakers to a higher volume just get the full range of sounds. Less volume but more punch. It’s a basic concept easily achieved by speakers with more range and power.

Clear Sound, Not too Loud, Not Distorted

Sure, the music must be loud enough to raise the energy of an event but you do not want your guests to leave the event feeling as they just attended a rock concert. Higher quality speaker equipment allows guests to hear the full punch of the music, while still staying at a level that’s optimal for conversation to take place. Many companies stick to only PA speakers, without bothering to bring a woofer. However, this results in insufficient sound quality. The speakers are only meant to play the high and mid-range tones of the music, while the subwoofers are designed to capture the low-end frequencies. The woofer brings the balance, saving strain on the speakers and the guests’ ears.

Don’t use low budget speakers

Seemingly common knowledge, sound quality is often overlooked by many including the companies themselves. Unfortunately, many companies use low budget speaker systems often based on the assumption that the quality won’t matter or be noticeable. Or they simply lack proper knowledge of audio equipment (there is no such prerequisite for joining the independent event design industry). There is no excuse for using nothing less than top-of-the-line audio equipment. The professionals at Elevated Event Design come from a strong DJ and music related background, spinning tracks, and producing music as a hobby at very young ages. We know music and we know audio equipment, the passion for music has been with us for far longer than the event business.

Sound Quality is the Key

Sound quality is key. As the night goes on and the dance floor gets packed, the sound and the music are what drive the party. The better the music sounds, the more guests will want to dance and the longer they will stay out on the floor. At the same time, no one wants to yell just to hear the person next to them or move away from the speakers because they’re being strained. It all comes down to one thing – you need the perfect pitch.


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