Tips on Wireless Uplights

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Chicago Wedding Lighting, Wedding

Tips on Wireless Uplights

Good lighting has the potential to make any space feel glamorous, elegant and provide an intimate setting for those in place. It is possible to use different kinds of wireless uplights in your wedding reception to help in transitioning between cocktail hour, dinner and dance sessions. Each session can have its various kind of feel that is consistent with the vision you have for your reception.
Proper lighting is also important in helping customize the venue where the reception is to take place. Highlighting the dance floor, for instance, will be a great way to encourage the others to join in on the fun.

Why Choose Wireless Uplights

The wireless lights have batteries inside them meaning that there is no need for the cords. Cables make the venue messy making it easy for guests to trip as they are laid all over the carpets and the floor. With the wireless lights, you are at liberty to place them in any one location you desire.

How Many Lights Should You Use?
The total number of lights to use in a room depends on the size of the chosen venue and the kind of vision you have for the wedding reception.
When considering the number of lights, you will need to consider the coverage area as well.

Accent Uplighting

It is a look that helps transform select areas of your wedding reception. You could choose to have them at the head table, cake table and where the guest book is located. For the dance floor, consider using two to four lights for the area.

Moderate Coverage

This is the perfect option for people who would like to set a particular mood and add some elegance to the reception with wireless uplighting. For better coverage, the lights are placed at ten feet apart all over the room.

Maximum coverage is the option to choose when looking to create the wow effect. It is commonly referred to as the color wash and involves covering each part of the wall in the colorful lights. You can choose this option to transform any drab venue into a modern and chic place to host the wedding guests. Ensure that the uplights are properly spaced out all over the walls.

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