Tips for Creating The Perfect Wedding Music Playlist

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Chicago Wedding DJ, Wedding Advice

Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Music Playlist

Putting together a playlist for your wedding can be daunting if you do not have the right information. Knowing when to start and things to consider is an important part of creating a good wedding music playlist for your ceremony.

Picture Your Perfect Wedding

You should begin the process by visualizing how you want your dream wedding to appear. For this, you must visualize everything from the attire to how the venue will look like. Picture the smiles on your guest’s faces as they celebrate and dance away at your wedding.

From your visualization, take a moment to listen to the music the guests are enjoying. Music plays an essential role in the success of your wedding reception. It helps dictate the overall atmosphere for your wedding.
Ceremony Music. You do not have to stick to one genre, just because it is what is played at many ceremonies. If you do not like classical music, then choose something that both you and your better half can enjoy. You can elect to combine traditional and contemporary music and get to enjoy what both worlds have to offer

Cocktail Hour and Dinner Songs

Many couples choose to go with the usual Frank Sinatra kind of music for these particular sessions. However, you can also elect to mix it up and play your preferred kind of music as well. Choose music that reflects your personal style and taste.

Dancing Time

Once the formal activities are completed, it will be time to open up the dance floor. For this particular session, remember to make the playlist inclusive. Do not just include your personal songs. Keep your guests in mind as well.

You have to ensure that the playlists provide something for each person; including your older guests who may not be interested in the latest tunes.
Work with the Wedding DJ

A good wedding DJ takes his or her time to establish your musical preferences. From your musical preferences, the DJ will try and find songs that are close to what you like. The entire performance will be tailored around the guests, thereby ensuring that they play music that keeps the guests on the floor.

Picking the Number of Songs

Your wedding DJ will often recommend that you pick around 15 songs for each hour. For a marriage reception, you, therefore, need to choose around forty-five songs, for a standard three-hour ceremony.
Give your DJ a list that is not too long. When working with a professional DJ, you should trust in their ability to read the crowd and play the songs they want to hear.

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