Chicago Wedding Lighting

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Chicago Wedding Lighting

You want your wedding to be perfect, and you’ve planned it to a tee – from the shoes to flowers to the reception and hors d’ouevres. However, one thing that’s often overlooked is the absolute importance of wedding lighting. From the ceremony to the reception, your lighting can determine the mood and atmosphere of your wedding.

Choose Chicago Wedding Lighting experts if you want your ceremony and reception to convey the elegance and ambiance of your wedding ceremony appropriately. Elevated Event Designs are your Chicago wedding lighting experts, able to implement and employ any variety of professional lighting techniques for your wedding ceremony and reception.

What Can Elevated Event Design Chicago Wedding Lighting Experts Do for You?

We use both techniques and types of lighting to create the appropriate event. For example, ceiling wash lighting can bathe a room (or section of a room, like the dancefloor) in a color coordinating with your wedding colors. Up lighting, on the other hand, utilizes columns of light – again, in colors that coordinate with your wedding.

Under table lighting, with its seemingly self-explanatory name, is very similar to up lighting, but is a very unique form of Chicago wedding lighting, on the cutting edge of event design. These are wireless lights to create a highly unusual, fun, and classy event design.

We can also do custom designs, particularly charming for a wedding reception. Sometimes known as a custom gobo, this is an elegant, customized projection with your name in lights! You can commemorate your wedding day, or just project the couple’s name – it’s a very cute trend in Chicago wedding lighting that projects just the right amount of charm and elegance.

You can also utilize spotlighting and patterned lighting to create ambiance on the dance floor and draw attention to the just married couple, as well as to highlight and accent things like the couple’s first entrance, the couple’s first dance, the father/daughter dance, and so on.

Finally, we offer specialty lighting, including Chinese paper lanterns and Italian string lighting. This is perfect for an outdoor wedding venue and creates a beautiful ambience that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

Whatever mood you wish to create, from understated elegance, to coordinating colors – from vintage designs to dance floor patterns, you can do for an affordable cost, using the expert lighting professionals at Elevated Event Designs. We want to make your Chicago wedding lighting beautiful, stress free, and affordable for your special day.


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