How to hire a Wedding DJ?

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How to Hire a Wedding DJ

How to hire a Wedding DJ?  Your wedding DJ is vital to ensure the flow and feel of your big day.  That’s why it’s important you make sure to hire the right wedding DJ.  With having over 15 years-experience behind the turntables, Armond Cozzi knows a thing or two about what you should look for in your perfect wedding DJ

how to hire a wedding dj

What are some good questions to ask a DJ before hiring them?

– What time will your DJ arrive at?
– What is the backup plan in case of an accident on the way to the wedding?
– Is there a backup DJ?
– Do you mix music or just press play?

– Does your DJ play all or most of your songs from your playlist?
– Are you screaming on the microphone or are you making clear, concise, information speaking directing the reception?
– Do you play the stereotypical wedding songs or do you create a unique soundtrack tailored to the wedding couple?

– Do you coordinate well with other vendors?  Do you make sure every vendor is on the same page for all important aspects of the day?
– Will you take requests and how do you handle them?
– Do you play songs with explicit lyrics?
– Do you stick to the timeline or do you bend it a little by reading the crowd and communicating with the bride / groom / wedding couple?

Can you make a playlist or tell the DJ what to play and what not to play?

A professional DJ should ALWAYS cater to the clients and guests.  They should make sure to play the wedding couples songs and incorporate it with their style. Ensuring the crowd is dancing all night long and making sure to play appropriate requests and not playing the “do-not-plays”.

What songs do you need to pick out for your DJ before the wedding?

All of the formal songs need to be picked out.  The intros, dances, and other formalities of your wedding.  For cocktail and dinner you can decide on different styles or genres or some wedding couples pick all of the songs and create playlists.   After dinner for dancing it’s good to pick around 20 songs to ensure your DJ can play all of love it / like it playlist and go off your style to ensure your wedding is dancing all night long!

How can a couple ensure that their wedding reception is fun for everyone attending?

Hire a professional DJ and do not skimp on this aspect of your reception.  The DJ is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day.  Hire a DJ who wants to get to know you and cares about your crowd and wants to stay in contact with you.  The DJ can make or break your wedding as they are the one who controls the feeling of your wedding / the room.  Find someone who wants to connect with you and truly cares that your day is absolutely perfect, flawless, and they care about every little detail going above and beyond.



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