Ceremony Wedding Music Songs

Ceremony Wedding Music Songs: Choosing Your Songs

Music plays a critical role in your wedding. It helps add emotion to the service and help communicate where words cannot achieve the same effect. The mood created will be determined by the different kind of music that you choose for your wedding reception.

Choosing Your Music

When choosing your music, you need to remember that songs will be played at various times during the day, and that the songs coordinate with the proceedings at the event. The songs played when the guests arrive are not the same ones played during the reception. You should, therefore, consider picking songs that are warm and which resonate with your guests.

Different Ceremony Music Ideas

You will need to choose two processional songs, one for the wedding party, and the other one for you. “Pachabell Cannon” and Wedding March” are perfect songs if you want to go the traditional route with your music. You can, however, choose something that is meaningful to you and the groom as well. Keep in mind that the acoustics present in the venue may affect the sound.

Music Timeline Planning

If you plan on having a cocktail hour in between the ceremony and reception, consider creating a more relaxed playlist. Such a playlist will enable the guests to socialize without having to shout above the music. For cocktail music, the important thing is to ensure that there is enough rhythm keeping them awake, without making the guests head to the dance floor just yet. You can also add a personal touch to the playlist by choosing a good entrance song.

Your First Dance

Your first dance as a couple is a great deal. You, therefore, must choose something that means something to you and your better half. Here, you have very many options open to you. You could elect to go classical or timeless, funny or even go the modern approach by dancing to the latest hits from the same year. Remember to choose individual songs to be played during other dances including the garter ad bouquet toss.

Other Music

All the other music played in your reception can be as personal as you want. You may need to write a list for your DJ indicating the songs that you do not wish to be played. Where a DJ is present, it is normal for the guests to make some requests. Therefore, write down a list of songs that you do not want to be played so as not to upset in case the song is asked for by a guest.

Last, but not Least!

Lastly, you will need to make your request for the last song played at the reception. The last song played is what many guests remember about your celebration. Choose something that matches your personality, wedding theme or personal style.


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