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10 Tips for a Wedding Photo Booth

Tips for your Wedding Photo Booth. Winking, blowing a kiss, or wearing a boa — anything goes in photo booths, which is what makes them so addictive. While it’s nice to have shiny, posed, professional photos from your wedding, more and more couples are also including photo booths at receptions to capture silly moments with friends and family. Before you start planning your wedding’s photo booth, take a look at our 10 tips for a flawless photo booth.

    1. Rent a photo booth: The easiest way to add a photo booth at your wedding is to rent one. Companies like Magic Moment Photo Booth Chicago offer packages that include all the equipment you need. You can sprinkle in customized decorations and extra costume options for the personal touch.
    2. Make a DIY photo booth: Homemade photo booths require a little more effort, but you have more control over the details. Check off the essentials first, like the location, camera, printer, and photo paper, before planning the decorations and costumes.
    3. Choose a camera: As a more makeshift yet versatile option, connect a portable photo printer to a DSLR camera, a laptop, or a web cam and let guests do their thing. For a retro touch, track down a Polaroid camera.
    4. Research mobile options: Photo booth apps exist! PopBooth (free) works with an iPhone or iPad, has several filter options, and instantly shares the images on Facebook. Hard copies of the photos can be sent as postcards in the mail for an additional $2.
    5. Check out photo booth software: There are plenty of photo booth software options, such as Sparkbooth ($59), which make it easy to set up a DIY photo booth, customize the templates, and turn on automatic picture taking and printing.

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  1. Decorate the background: A big piece of fabric makes the easiest background choice for DIY photo booths. Fabric stores offer the best prices, plus there are tons of funky prints to choose from. You could even give guests the option to swap out the backgrounds for more variety.
  2. Create a costume trunk: Go with a theme like “All Things Geek” and fill a box with superhero masks, capes, comic book hero weapons, mustaches on a stick, goofy glasses, etc. Otherwise, stock random props like feather boas, bright printed top hats, sunglasses of every shape, size, and color, and tiaras.
  3. Design your own template: Make (better) friends with Photoshop and design your own photo template or ask your invitation designer create one for you.
  4. Bring frames or message boards into the mix: If you don’t have a curtained off area for the “booth,” a large empty art frame will instantly focus the subject(s), plus it looks really cute. Another option is leaving white boards and/or chalkboards nearby so each guest can write down a funny, personal message to the couple. Photo Booth Rental
  5. Save a scrapbook: These photos will circulate your social networks, but chances are you’ll want physical copies of the photos, tucked away in a scrapbook. Allow guests to print multiple copies of the images, so the duplicate can be pasted into a guest book.


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